Building community

This past weekend, I volunteered to become the president of the board of the Steveston Athletic Association.  I’m excited about this role for several reasons.  First, I think sport has enormous power to build communities. Second, I’m proud of the SAA because I believe in the values of the club.  I ran my first (by itself running*) marathon because Linda asked me, “What are you training for? We’re doing this. Do you want to do it too?” A supportive training group can be so empowering.

In my youth, I was a competitive racewalker* and we started a club to support community around our sport.  Racewalk West is still going strong… and even though I’m not connected anymore, I still enjoy following these athletes.  It seems a lifetime ago and yet here I go again. I’m a tiny bit concerned that I may have bitten off more than I can chew. But I find energy for these things because it’s worth putting a bit of yourself into these communities.

*My first marathon was the Honolulu marathon, I competed in the racewalk division.

3 thoughts on “Building community

  1. Kathryn

    Ya, good for you! I’m vice pres of our tri club, and at times feel like I bit off more than I can chew, but same as you, I make time for it because I’m passionate about triathlon and want our community to enjoy a vibrant tri club that promotes the sport. You’ll be a great leader for the SAA!

  2. Joanne Post author

    Great minds think alike! Too bad we’re not in the same city, we could take over the world – or at least the boards of our local community organizations. ;)

    Good luck in the First Half this weekend. Have fun – it’s a beautiful run route.

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