Only Getting Better

When I’m broken down, I’ll be brushing off my kicks … I’m only getting better, better, better.
from K’Naan: “Better”

These K’Naan lyrics appeal to me for several reasons. I’ve got a bit of an injury and with a bit of rest and some TLC it looks like it’s getting better. But the real reason that I’m posting is that it looks like my running seems to pushing new boundaries, my riding is in a new place already and my swimming has new focus. The rocket launch of my new bike, a Cervelo P3 who I’ve nicknamed Pete, was this weekend. We were in the Okanagon for my first ride outdoors on the new stead. There was a crazy tail wind and the TT bike is pretty much made to ride straight and fast in those conditions (44+kph on the flats). It was pretty fun. My journey to IronMan Canada is starting off with this catchy theme song, “I’m only getting better, better, better…”

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