A New Space to Be At Your Best

It’s good to ride ( work | play | live ) with people who challenge you while at the same time allow you to be at your best.  A couple weekends back, I had a great ride with good friends out on Zero Ave who do just that.  I rode hard, pulled lots, got dropped, and pushed the tempo.  It was a really fun day where we felt like we met the challenge. We earned those turkey sandwiches!  Five years ago, I rode a very similar route while training for my first IronMan.  Last time, I suffered. This time, I was strong.  My post from five years ago summarizes that ride with the title, Riding with the Big Boys.  The ride stats are comparable but the experience was SO different.  This time, instead of being wrecked, I had an awesome run after the ride (and on Sunday).  In fact, I think this training weekend made me finally tell myself, “You ARE fast enough for race wheels!”  I’m in a new space… and I like this place.  Watch out, Oliver, here I come.

bike – 111.44 km / 3.41 time  / 30.2 avg.kph / 512 meter elev. gain

Check out the new wheels, they look pretty mean on the bike. 

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