My name is Joanne Fox and you’re visiting my triathlon blog. I’m on facebook and twitter (and blog here) but don’t post as often as I’d like because of my time spent here here here here and here.

With inspiration drawn from my Uncle Doug, I decided to tackle my first IronMan on August 26th, 2007. That race provided me with a very rich experience and a couple years worth of training filled with motivation, comradery, hard work, and major achievements. Five years later, I tackled my second IronMan and improved my time by over an hour.  Since starting in triathlon, I’ve discovered that the sport is full of great communities, clubs, and made many friends. I am currently volunteering as president of the board of the Steveston Athletic Association – a running and triathlon club based in Richmond, BC. This year, I’m working hard to see if I can race an iron distance event even faster than last time.

Super Penney

In my spare time, I go on dog walks with Penney and I like to play squash against Torbin. When I’m not training, I teach and work at UBC. This blog is a space for me to track my workouts, to ramble on about the stories that go along with these days, and to connect with others.