Big Peachy Week

Wow, was I ever exhausted after my “Big Peachy Week”.  I was glad to be scheduled for a couple of easy days of training.  I needed them.  Fortunately, my work week was pretty flexible with me attending a conference downtown.  I think I may have scared some of the conference attendees with my lunch eating abilities.  This past week was my biggest week of training so far in the build up to IronMan and it was great. My uncle says that I’m twice as fit as the last time I did IronMan.  My response was, “then I should be able to go twice as fast!”  Now that would be something.

So the Peach was a no wetsuit swim.  24oC water.  This was the first time I’ve raced in a no wetsuit triathlon.  My swim time wasn’t a time I was particularly happy with… but at least I can blame it on the wetsuit (or lack of).  [It can’t have been the 3.8km swim on Friday or the 2.1km swim race on Saturday or all the rest of the week].  PS.  I did the IMC swim course on Friday in 1:10 (with no drafting).  I was happy with that.

Back to the Peach, the swim start was a bit of a gong show… with the race organizers randomly starting the race much earlier than planned (they had to start the race because the sprint swimmers were coming close to shore).  I was ready though and got a jump on the swim start – some of the women were left standing on the beach.  We had to swim through all the men – with me swimming through most of the mens field by the first bouy.  I drafted and was relaxed on the swim.

Set-up in transition was also a gong show – with one last minute guy squeezing in and then putting his stuff right in front of my bike.  When I pointed out that I wouldn’t be able to get my bike past his stuff, he said, “Don’t worry, I’ll be gone before you arrive.”  What an @$$.  He was really annoying [and I would like to point out that I was the first bike back at the rack].  My uncle Doug said, “Did you make sure to run over his shoes?”  So instead of getting annoyed at him.  I said, “Wow, you are really annoying me right now!” [I actually said that right to his face] and then introduced myself and started chatting with him.  Asked him about whether he’s done this race before, where he was from, etc..  It totally diffused the situation – at least for me. Some people just take themselves way too seriously (me included, sometimes).

Back to the race, I went hard on the bike.  I was trying for a top overall position.  Counting the riders on the out and back route is interesting… many triathlon guys look like women.  They have long lean and slender bodies and are all basically wearing women’s bathing suits.  I came off the bike in 4th place.  On the run, I ran well to get myself within sight of third place and to decide that yes, I was going to be able to pass her.  And just I was thinking of the prize money, a woman came blazing by me.  Now I’m in 5th place… but I knew I could I catch 4th and so I ran hard.  I was very happy with the result.  Top five is awesome.

Olympic distance races are hard though.  Not my favorite.  At one point, I remember thinking, “This is hard.  I don’t want to go this hard at IronMan.”  But, it’s a different kind of hard.  I also thought during the race, “It will be this hard at IronMan but at least I won’t have to go as fast.”  It’s becoming increasingly clear to me that I will have to measure my efforts to have the kind of result I’m looking for.  Regardless of the results, I’m enjoying my experiences along the way… and that’s what it’s really about!

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