Big Training Week Starts off Right

I’m up in the Okanagon for my big training week – a week set to fill my head with positive images of the IronMan course.

Today started off right with my last minute idea to register for the free ATLS swim clinic at Gyro Park in Kelowna.  The early morning wake-up was rewarded with some useful open water swim tips from the coaches, a timed 800m loop, AND a swim up coffee boat – where swimmers were served hot Starbucks coffee in the Lake.  Being served Starbucks coffee during a swim practice is pretty awesome.  I have a feeling that’s not going to happen during IronMan.  But if they bring out the coffee boat, I’ll stop.  Seriously.

After the swim, I headed back to Penticton for a run up Main street to Skaha.  It’s a tough bit of the run… and I wanted to have another look at it.  There’s a hill that ends at a funeral parlour.  If you make it past the funeral parlour, you’ve made it.  Seems fitting.

It’s going to be a hot week up here which will also be good practice – and make up for the lack of summer so far this year. It looks like I’ll be potentially hitting 40+ temperatures for my big ride on Monday.  Should be interesting.


One thought on “Big Training Week Starts off Right

  1. ann hayes

    Hi Joanne – have a great ride tomorrow – I will read all about it! Take care in the heat – but enjoy the ride! Ann

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