Canada Day Swim at Sasamat

So, how did the Canada Day swim go?  Thanks for asking, the swim was fine. I can go quite a bit faster: 1:05 is my best. However, I seem to be carrying quite a bit of fatigue from this past week so I was happy with a 1:10 – all things considered.

SAA swimmers warming up on the beach

It was a quality week of training and thank goodness for the rest day today. I’m feeling the track workout Tues and the tempo bits Sat and Sun – and have worked hard. I wasn’t into really into the race yesterday. As I left I said to Torbin, “I’m just going to do a swim with a bunch of people.”  He joked, “Well, if you go fast by accident, don’t worry about it!”

I was cold and tired at the early morning start and felt the, “Why the hell am I doing this?” panic of a swim start.  I got passed more than normal at the beginning and wasn’t feeling too great – not bad – just not into it. But, I did get into it on the second lap. I was long, fast, and streamlined and passed at least 4-5 of those folks from earlier in the second lap. If I’d been feeling like that from the beginning I would have had a MUCH faster time. (No, I didn’t do a warmup, silly me). I sighted lots and noticed that lots of people were swimming all over the place (or maybe it was me – so I sighted more).

My run afterwards was really good. I was tired and the tempo bits were hard, but I met the challenge which felt good. Now, I’m off to eat my second lunch, watch the tour, and recover from a good long hard week of training!

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