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Christmas Day Traditions

Getting outdoors on Christmas Day has always been a tradition for me and my family. What’s your tradition?

Dog MountainThis year we did a short hike up to Dog Mountain up at Seymour. There wasn’t much snow but the trail was still fine. At the top, we got a really cool view of the city covered in fog.

In a holiday season filled with eating, driving and visiting, I always appreciate the opportunity to get outdoors. Here’s some pics from our christmas day tradition.

Let the Games begin

After a busy holidays filled with snow (it’s been hard to get outside running, but I could ski right out the front door) January is here.  I’m looking forward to getting back into a routine.

Weekly Totals – Jan 6-11th, 2009, highlights include a crappy bike in the snow complete with flat tire and frozen hands, snowy trail running (Penney ran 1h25), and some great swim workouts

swim bike run
2.5hrs – 5700m 2hrs – 40km 2h15m ~21km

Totals: 6:45

Weekly Totals – Jan 1-4th, 2009, highlights include a 15km treadmill run, jeepers!

swim bike run
3hrs – 7km 1h30 2h15 – 23km

Totals: 5:45

Week Highlights

This week the highlights included a big day of spin/swim on Wednesday and two runs with Penney.  She’s becoming quite the runner.  Friday’s swim included a 100m TT where I pulled off a 1:24.

swim bike run core/stretch
2hrs – 4.7km 3h25 4h ~40km 2hrs

Weekly total = 9:25 + 2hrs core/stretch/yoga

On the weekend, some wet mountain biking with Bronwyn and Clayton was in order. On Sunday’s run, I went much longer then I would have by myself thanks to good company. Thanks, Andrew. It was a flat route with perfect running weather, misty and warm. A good solid weekend of training. A couple of naps, and I’m feeling pretty good.

Enough Already

I’ve had enough of this cold. I did the warm-up of my swim workout and then called it quits. How lame is that. I also skipped the bike TT workout. Lame.

200f, 100p, 50k, 4 x 50dr, 150f

Penney’s Program
jog half the neighbourhood route
walk the dyke, plus three strides*

*Note strides work, she actually runs and thinks it’s a game. Next time, try the neighbourhood loop with only 30 sec max run segments – so that she actually runs. Penney, we’ll have you running with Harcus by sometime next year….

Penney’s Program

Today, I started my dog Penney on a training program. She’s a wonderful black lab with all kinds of funny habits. She doesn’t know a thing about running. Since this cold has me seriously slowed down, I thought it would be the perfect time to take Penney for a run. She doesn’t run, she walks fast. A racewalker, that’s what she is.

Penney’s Program
15 min jog with Penney ’round the neighbourhood loop
10 min cooldown walk ’round the block

No actual training for me – still sick