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Cuddly Friends

Overall, it was a busy week with Xmas parties canceling workouts during the week.  The weekend involved the Vanoc 2010 volunteer training, so I only managed the bike commute downtown.  Because of the Vanoc workshop, I ran my long run on Saturday. My route to MacDonald Beach was awesome!  Almost 30km, right from my doorstep, with almost all of it on trails.  I’ve got this pile of old socks and spare running gloves that I’ve been saving.  This week (and weekend) I finally found some time to put them to use.  These cuddly friends are going to be secret santa gifts… if I don’t fall too much in love with them first.

Weekly Totals – Dec 1-7th, 2008

swim bike run core/stretch
1hrs – 3200m 1h15 3h40m ~38km 1.5hr Yoga

Totals: 5:55 + 1.5h Yoga

Week Highlights

This week the highlights included a big day of spin/swim on Wednesday and two runs with Penney.  She’s becoming quite the runner.  Friday’s swim included a 100m TT where I pulled off a 1:24.

swim bike run core/stretch
2hrs – 4.7km 3h25 4h ~40km 2hrs

Weekly total = 9:25 + 2hrs core/stretch/yoga

On the weekend, some wet mountain biking with Bronwyn and Clayton was in order. On Sunday’s run, I went much longer then I would have by myself thanks to good company. Thanks, Andrew. It was a flat route with perfect running weather, misty and warm. A good solid weekend of training. A couple of naps, and I’m feeling pretty good.

BBQ at Jericho

Smokies with Dill Pickle chips. Summer barbecues on the sideline of a beautiful sports venue like Jericho can make anything taste good. I spent the early evening hanging out with Torb and the new Illegal Smile crew. The team is an interesting motley of good people with nice relaxed family friendly vibe. After the socializing and eating, I headed to the Kit’s Community Centre for my workout then back to Jericho to pick up Torbin and Penney for the drive home.

10 min run easy
30 min gym workout
10 min stretch

Farmer’s Market

This evening I headed out to see my favorite egg lady to get free range eggs right off a little local farm. I then looped around to my farmer’s market where the local beets have just arrived. These country shopping trips are among my favorite activities. I can’t wait until we can add fresh blueberry’s to the list. With all the fresh market fare, I baked a golden vegetable crust (sweet potatoes, parsnip and carrot) for quiche, started another batch of homemade yogurt, and cooked myself up broccoli, asparagus, sweet potatoes, and a steak from the organic side of beef that we’ve got in the freezer. It will be a good week of eating, that’s for sure.

15 min easy, neighborhood loop
20 min @home

First Day of Summer

Tonight is the season opener for the Vancouver Ultimate League (VUL). The first game of the VUL officially marks the start of summer, according to Torb. After work, I walked up to Balcalva, grabbed the car and headed to Dunbar for my gym workout. After eating dinner out, I waited for Torb & Penney to finish their games and we drove home together.

30min gym workout – legs and core
10 min stretch

Trail Running vs Commuting

On most days, I bike, bus, and/or carpool my way to and from work/workouts. I’m proud of my efforts to be a greener commuter. But once and a while, I drive. I can’t stand car commuting. It’s aggravating, bad for the environment, and there’s no parking. Really, it’s mostly that I get in a terrible mood from the stand still traffic. I can’t believe people do it every day. But this morning I discovered a nice way to counter the commute. If you’ve got to drive, an hour trail run in Pacific Spirit park does wonders to balance your morning.

58 min + plus 20 min walk
Avg HR 143

In case you’re wondering, I used the M2 Route Scout site to map my run in the endowment lands. The route was 10.6km.

Yahoo, what a victory! I managed to make it to the gym tonight. With my run done in the morning, there was lots of “my actual life” time in the evening. After a sunset walk, I headed to the gym.

same as last week
added 5lbs to 2nd set squats
added 10lbs to dumbell press

Pumped Up

Does anyone else out there hate gym attitudes? I’m talking about your pumped up steroid chumps who hang out in the gym. They get in the way, they ooze attitude, and if you’re a girl with a purpose they think you’re an alien. Worse, what about the girlfriends who hang about in pink sparkly low rider pants? I watched this girl ask her monkey boy to hold her purse while she did a set of swinging ab exercises. Thank goodness for the sunny run before this gym workout. Otherwise, I think I would have lost my mind.

25 min easy jog to the gym
35 min
core and legs, still sore two days later

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We cut our lawn and cleaned up the garden today. The rubarb is awakening. Rogue garlic is currently dominating the empty garden beds. The strawberries look sad. The crocus have come and gone, and I expect the tulips to be opening soon. We’ve got seedlings started in the kitchen window. I’m looking forward to the summer harvests.

yardwork + 10min core
10min stretch