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Keeping it Real

It’s been a good solid few days of training. I’ve enjoyed the riding, the swimming and the running in this Okanagon heat. On Monday, I rode the bike course. On Tuesday, I enjoyed a clear cool swim and then a hot run on the marathon route. After all that, I’ve been relaxing with my Aunt and Uncle in this summer heat. My Uncle Doug rode a 600km brevet on the weekend, so he’s helping me keep it real. “What are you complaining about you only did a 160km ride…” is dinner conversation at the Fox household. You’ve got to love it!

Here’s what I did: Continue reading

The beauty of a 25 yard pool

I’m Canadian, eh! Which means my pools are 25 meters. Not 22.86 meters. I mean who else in the world – other than you crazy Americans – makes something 22.86 units long. Swimming in the shorty pool does however make you feel like a rock star. I can swim 1:20’s no problem. I knew there was something up when I was still swimming 1:25s by the end of the set. Smile.

Here’s the pre-race workout from Coach Tracey:
Warm Up:
200 choice
2 x (100 kk, 100 as 25 drill/75 swim, 2 x 50 stroke count descend 2nd 50 by 2 strokes)
6 x (100 fast on 2:00 then 50 very easy on 1:00)
Cool Down:
100 non free choice
100 kk
100 pull
2000m total*
*crazy conversion factor required

Team Impact Training Camp

Last Thursday I headed up to Penticton for this “Performance” training camp. It was a very good experience, well run, and quality workouts with great people.

On Friday, I did my own workout in the Penticton pool. OMG, it’s hot in that pool. I guess the old fogies won’t get in if they don’t keep it practically tropical.

Saturday the camp started with a time trial of the Oliver bike course. I drove down with “exactly on time” Calvin so we arrived just in time for my 9:24 start time and his 9:28 start time (riders were sent off every two minutes to simulate race situations). My goal was to ride hard – as close as possible to race effort. Before starting each rider had to weigh in. I have to admit it was a bit tense at the start (simulated race feel worked) so I’m glad that we didn’t spend much time hanging about.

On the course, I rode hard trying to keep the effort up to >155HR. I drank 3 full bottles of gatorade and ate 4 gels. My time Continue reading

Cuddly Friends

Overall, it was a busy week with Xmas parties canceling workouts during the week.  The weekend involved the Vanoc 2010 volunteer training, so I only managed the bike commute downtown.  Because of the Vanoc workshop, I ran my long run on Saturday. My route to MacDonald Beach was awesome!  Almost 30km, right from my doorstep, with almost all of it on trails.  I’ve got this pile of old socks and spare running gloves that I’ve been saving.  This week (and weekend) I finally found some time to put them to use.  These cuddly friends are going to be secret santa gifts… if I don’t fall too much in love with them first.

Weekly Totals – Dec 1-7th, 2008

swim bike run core/stretch
1hrs – 3200m 1h15 3h40m ~38km 1.5hr Yoga

Totals: 5:55 + 1.5h Yoga

Week Highlights

This week the highlights included a big day of spin/swim on Wednesday and two runs with Penney.  She’s becoming quite the runner.  Friday’s swim included a 100m TT where I pulled off a 1:24.

swim bike run core/stretch
2hrs – 4.7km 3h25 4h ~40km 2hrs

Weekly total = 9:25 + 2hrs core/stretch/yoga

On the weekend, some wet mountain biking with Bronwyn and Clayton was in order. On Sunday’s run, I went much longer then I would have by myself thanks to good company. Thanks, Andrew. It was a flat route with perfect running weather, misty and warm. A good solid weekend of training. A couple of naps, and I’m feeling pretty good.

Two Weekends Until Worlds

I’ve got one last weekend of training to go. Next weekend, I’m in Boston for work, and then World’s are upon us. With 40 nations represented, I start with the wave of 85 other women in the F30-34 category. Our start gun goes off at 7:35am in the morning. Ack, that will be chilly! With not too many other waves in front of us we should have a relatively clear bike course. Me, I would have put a few more warning in this bike course video. I wonder what the symbol would look like for “crotch jamming pothole!”

After the 5km time trial at the track last night, I find my legs heavy and I’m definitely ready for the next two weeks of tapering. Last minute training is hard on the body.

5km time trial (ran with Jody)
22:40 (ran an even pace of ~1:48/400m)

Reverse Training

“I’ve got a new secret weapon… and it’s called reverse training!” After 4 workouts for the whole of March, I had a great time trial weekend. “What’s this?”, you say. “Joanne’s got a new secret weapon called reverse training. Tell me more!” Reverse training is where you put life on hold and you ignore training completely. You do no workouts. None at all. Except maybe once a week, when “as a treat” you allow some time for yourself and you head out for the Sunday workout. Reverse training works best when extenuating circumstances leave you no spare time at all – and in my experience it’s best if you’re completely emotionally and physically drained every day. Continue reading

Iron Legs

It was warm and sunny night for tonights track workout. I had seriously heavy legs from last night’s bike TT. I tried to tell myself, “This is what my legs will feel like at IronMan.” I felt much better a mile into the run, and ended up working pretty hard with Amy and Andrew H.

20 min w/u
3 mile TT – 21:41, 7:25, 7:15, 7:01
10 min c/d

Feel the Burn

Tonight’s workout, a 48km bike time trial (TT) followed by a 20 min brick run, was a quality session.

After a warm-up about 20 riders from our club gathered at the TT start. A rider was sent off every 5 seconds with the faster riders heading out last. As we waited, my thoughts wandered to Landis missing his start out of the gate at the 2006 Tour, and I started to feel a bit of excited nerves. It’s only a club workout, but I guess with everyone crowded around the start my competitive racing mindset emerged.

Out of the start gate, I went hard. “Forget pacing, just GivR!” was what I was thinking. On the second loop, Continue reading

Jake’s Feeling Zippy

In the Red corner, we have Jake weighing in at over 25lbs … [crowd roars]

Tonight, was a night for the heavy weights. Given that it was our club’s first outdoor ride, I contemplated bringing out the race bike. But in planning for a multi-workout day with a weather forecast for pouring rain, my practical side won out. Plus, the speedy FELT got lots of attention on the weekend. Thankfully, with Jake I had panniers and lots of warm gear for the bike commute home. The rain only spat a few drops on me, but I still found myself longing for warm summer nights. As for the time trial, I rode like Ullrich (carrying extra weight) and happily my time today was not too far off last year.

45min workout
f,p, 50k, 4 x 50dr, 150f
1 x 20min
4 x 50f

16km Time Trial – 30:51