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Seven for Seven

I’m 7/7 in the Feb bike challenge! It’s Monday and I have to admit, my legs are tired. Riding 1hr on your bike isn’t actually that much, but I’m feeling it. With such a busy weekend**, scheduling workouts was a challenge (Sunday included a 6am trainer ride and a 9pm speed endurance run – accompanied by Torbin on the bike with lights). Today, I opted out of bike commuting to give my legs a couple more hours of rest. The downside is that I may be on the trainer until the wee hours this evening.

**I took the Triathlon Community Coaching course this weekend. I made some great new contacts/friends and took away some great practical tips about safety. On that note, I’m going to go buy myself a RoadID right now. If you don’t already have one, do the same!

Here’s what my Feb totals look like so far.

Bike for 182.1 km in 08:43
Run for 25.1 km in 02:22
Total Duration: 11:05

The tally so far

Here’s the results for my first couple days in the February bike challenge

Day 1 – 1:02:19, 22km – nice ride, mild weather
Day 2 – 1:20:51, 27km – soggy bike in the am, nice in evening, also had a quality run session
Day 3 – 1:01:18, 17km – all over downtown

Wednesday night I was super tired, so went to bed early. Man it’s awesome when you actually get enough sleep. I so rarely feel well-rested. Tonight, is a bike commute home through the city. I’m going to meet up with a few of the other bike challenge ninnys for company.

Summer Routine

This week, I was back to my comfortable summer routine of weekly workouts. Monday off, Tues/Thurs running, Wed/Fri swimming, and a few more workouts thrown in for good measure.

Here’s the stats for my Tuesday bike commute. The second half was harder because realized I was going to be late for the run.

45:51, 21.4km
28.2 kph Avg Sp, 49.6 kph Max
139 Avg HR, 161 Max
85 Avg Cad, 104 Max

Followed by an 8 or 9km pretty hard tempo run (with quick T2 at my place). I showed up a bit late so had to rush and then run hard to catch JJ and Calvin,

Wednesday 3400m morning swim, raining so happy to skip the bike ride in the evening

Thursday run, hills 4 x loop at QE park in Vancouver

Friday 3400m morning swim