Enough Already

I’ve had enough of this cold. I did the warm-up of my swim workout and then called it quits. How lame is that. I also skipped the bike TT workout. Lame.

200f, 100p, 50k, 4 x 50dr, 150f

Penney’s Program
jog half the neighbourhood route
walk the dyke, plus three strides*

*Note strides work, she actually runs and thinks it’s a game. Next time, try the neighbourhood loop with only 30 sec max run segments – so that she actually runs. Penney, we’ll have you running with Harcus by sometime next year….

3 thoughts on “Enough Already

  1. Amy

    Sounds like no one was there last night. I’m going Monday after work if you want to join me.

    Will Penney start coming to practice?

  2. joannealisonfox

    Thanks for the invitation, Amy but I’m going to skip out on the TT.

    Penney is far from being ready to come to practice. She’s only at 3 x 30sec of actual running.

    Also, she’d have to come to the office with me (since I come to practice straight from work). I tried that once, and she hated the floors. Yes, my dog is scared of floors. She’s fine with carpet – but wood floors, shiny floors, etc – absolutely hates ’em. In our house (all wood), she gets around using the safe islands of floor mats.

    At my office, she was so scared that she barked at anyone who came past my office door. You’ve got to go right by my office door to get to the washrooms… sigh, a failed experiment. She goes to work with Torb (carpets) and gets 2-3 walks from there, so she’s got it good. 🙂

  3. Kathryn

    I always forget about Penny’s issue with floors! That little quirk just makes her even more cute.

    I have been sick no less than 3 times in 2007 so I’m feelin’ your frustration about having to cut short or skip a workout. It’s beat isn’t it? Your mind is ready and willing but your body ain’t having it. Sometimes I think that we just need a break and if we don’t take one then our bodies force it by getting sick. Totally sucks. I hope that you’re on the mend and feeling fine and feisty soon.

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