Feel the Burn

Tonight’s workout, a 48km bike time trial (TT) followed by a 20 min brick run, was a quality session.

After a warm-up about 20 riders from our club gathered at the TT start. A rider was sent off every 5 seconds with the faster riders heading out last. As we waited, my thoughts wandered to Landis missing his start out of the gate at the 2006 Tour, and I started to feel a bit of excited nerves. It’s only a club workout, but I guess with everyone crowded around the start my competitive racing mindset emerged.

Out of the start gate, I went hard. “Forget pacing, just GivR!” was what I was thinking. On the second loop, I thought about my pacing instructions from Coach Drew, “If race pace is 90%, go at 85%” and concluded that I have no idea what that means. So, instead I focussed on realizing that 48km is a lot longer then I was visualizing on that first loop – so I concentrated on pedaling technique. For the third loop, I really wanted to negative split, so I sprinted for 20sec on every 5min interval. That was a pretty fun way to keep myself racing during the solitary TT.

I had a great brick run with Elvis afterwards. I made it home exhausted but without bonking. Riding home adds another 1hr, putting my total to 2.5hr in the saddle – pretty good for a work night. I took myself to the very end of my energy. I had a bit of trouble eating once I got home because my stomach was topsy turny. My legs were so exhausted that they hurt. I did a cold bath which numbed the pain away. I hydrated, slept well, and with a massage the next day – I’m feeling back to normal.

The results:
Last year’s 32 bike TT TT was 57:15 whereas this year’s 32km split was 55:25 – and then I followed that with my fastest loop. Woo Hoo! My legs sure felt like I was ripping it up out there, so I’m glad the fast times agree.

w/u 100f, 2 x50dr, 50k, 100f, 150p
8 x 50f descend @ 20sR
8 x 100f easy-moderate (1:55 pace) @ 30sR
100 mix c/d

48km TT 1:22:40
splits, 27:30, 27:55, 27:15
more stats to come
brick run
20 min moderate run with Elvis pace range 7:47->6:58/mile
more biking
bike home 1hr

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