Higgs Theory and Clear Thinking

Recently, I’ve been talking with my class about the Higgs Boson particle and recent discoveries at CERN. It’s fascinating stuff and my students are particularly intrigued by discoveries that are predicted by theory (that Higgs thought up in the 60’s). It’s an example that shows that contrary to what it seems in science textbooks there so much that we still have to discover or really don’t understand at all.

What do bosons and training for triathlons have in common? Not much really. (Other than the fact that these bosons help explain what makes up matter so they really have everything to do with everything) I was just thinking to myself how training hard clears my head giving me capacity for clear thinking. I wonder what’s behind that – probably some ancient survival response. I do know that if I find myself thinking about particle physics during a hard swim set or while pulling at the front of the pack on the bike, I’m likely not working hard enough.

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