IronMan Cozumel

I just got back from Mexico yesterday evening. Racing in Cozumel was quite the experience! I was very moved by all the supportive messages from my family and friends. I carried them with me in my heart on race day.

Cozumel is a great destination race! The race course is a tough one but the sunshine filled vacation can’t be beat. I’ll be back to do this race-cation again. This year, rough ocean conditions caused a last minute change to the swim course. The modified 3.1km swim kept us closer to shore for safety. I worked hard on the swim, kicked some coral and got stung by jellyfish. It was an adventure and I loved every minute. Cozumel-2013-bike

This bike course is stunningly beautiful. I rode hard and was happy with my ride. Boy, oh boy, the wind was something else! The bike profile might look pancake flat but the windy side of the island was as hard as any hill around here. On the third lap, I died a bit on the bike. I think I need to take another look at my race nutrition plan.

The race course is 3 loops on the bike, and 3 loops on the run which makes it great for spectators. It’s also great for racers – I got a boost every time I saw my support crew. On the run, there was crazy heat, monsoon rains, and flooded streets. At one point, I served myself some pepsi at an abandoned aid station only to have two kids heads pop out from underneath the table where they were hiding from the crazy rain! The adventure continued all the way to the finish line.

My finish time was a new best. I didn’t give up and I learned lots about racing.

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