Jake’s Feeling Zippy

In the Red corner, we have Jake weighing in at over 25lbs … [crowd roars]

Tonight, was a night for the heavy weights. Given that it was our club’s first outdoor ride, I contemplated bringing out the race bike. But in planning for a multi-workout day with a weather forecast for pouring rain, my practical side won out. Plus, the speedy FELT got lots of attention on the weekend. Thankfully, with Jake I had panniers and lots of warm gear for the bike commute home. The rain only spat a few drops on me, but I still found myself longing for warm summer nights. As for the time trial, I rode like Ullrich (carrying extra weight) and happily my time today was not too far off last year.

45min workout
f,p, 50k, 4 x 50dr, 150f
1 x 20min
4 x 50f

16km Time Trial – 30:51

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