Keeping it Real

It’s been a good solid few days of training. I’ve enjoyed the riding, the swimming and the running in this Okanagon heat. On Monday, I rode the bike course. On Tuesday, I enjoyed a clear cool swim and then a hot run on the marathon route. After all that, I’ve been relaxing with my Aunt and Uncle in this summer heat. My Uncle Doug rode a 600km brevet on the weekend, so he’s helping me keep it real. “What are you complaining about you only did a 160km ride…” is dinner conversation at the Fox household. You’ve got to love it!

Here’s what I did: On Monday, I rode the IMC bike course in some serious heat which was a great chance to practice my nutrition. I drank and ate everything I carried: 7 gels, 6 scoops of Perform, 3 salt pills and 10 bottles of fluids. I had the typical tailwind to Osoyoos and I arrived at the Husky in 2hrs. Richter was fine and I enjoyed the rollers. I think I worked a bit too hard but it was fun. I was at the Bear at 4hrs into the ride. Yellow Lake sure is hard in the full Okanagon heat. I rode Yellow Lake the day before and thought it was easy. But riding it after 2hrs is a lot different than 4hrs into the ride and with 37oC.  I was going so slow that I spotted a little Blue Bird.

On Tuesday, I started with a 1hr swim and then drove over to East Side road and dropped water bottles at Maclean Creek and in OK Falls. Then I drove back to Skaha – then ran to and from OK Falls – and then drove back to pick up my bottles. It’s a bit silly to go back and forth so many times but I really needed those bottles.  It was 35oC and after a few kms of heavy legs, I felt OK running on the IMC course. I started to feel good on the run around 15-16km and was really proud of myself for running at a good pace in tough conditions. It’s going to be hard, but I’m feeling ready to run at Ironman!

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