2012 – 2008 Results

2012 Results

I signed up for IronMan Canada and I’m training hard! The hard work is starting to pay off.

Fall 2011
Nike Womens Marathon, San Fransisco 3:54:51, dollars spent shopping $$$$$ *PB for $

Steveston IceBreaker 8km 35:52 *PB
Fort Langley Historic Half 1:37:54.8 *PB
UBC Duathlon, 2nd place F overall
Delta Triathlon, 1:10:15 *PB 2nd place F overall (-1min)
OLIVER HALF IRON, *PB x million :), 4th place F overall
Longest Day 10km, *PB 44:11
Sasamat Swim Race, 4km
Swim Across the Lake, 33:16 *PB
Peach Classic, 4th place F overall
IronMan Canada, 11:02 *PB by >1hr, swim 1:07:25, bike 5:47:04, run 4:02:49

2011 Results

My goal for this season was to have fun and to race well at the Kelowna Apple Triathlon. I accomplished both things! At the Apple, I wasn’t quite fast enough to qualify for the ITU World Age Group Championships – but I decided that I should take myself on a trip to New Zealand anyways. I also think I’m going to sign up for IMC 2012 and that’s pretty exciting!

Longest Day 10K 46:58
Canada Day Swim Sasamat
Swim Across the Lake 33:54
Peach Triathlon
Kits Challenge
Kelowna Apple

2010 Results

2010 saw me put a lot of energy into some very worthwhile education initiatives at UBC.  It’s a privilege to have a job that is stimulating, energizing and rewarding.

My racing took a necessary aside to “the rest of life” with only two races – the Steveston IceBreaker (a race I like to do every year as a fitness test) and the Vancouver Triathlon sprint (done just to keep in the game).  My goal for the Vancouver Tri was to master the running dismount off the bike … and it was a success!

Steveston 8km Race – 36:23 *PB
Langley Historic Half 1:39:20 *PB
Vancouver Sprint Triathlon 1:23:11

2009 Results

When I look back on this season of racing, I remember the stretch running back towards Steveston in the eventi marathon with Torbin on his bike beside me.  A good memory!


Running all through Richmond in the e-venti and really connecting with the SAA group was a real highlight for me.  I remember the run where Linda encouraged me to sign up for the eventi marathon.

Another racing highlight that makes me chuckle is finishing first at the UBC Duathlon only to have my new coach, Calvin – say hello.  Ooops, I signed up last minute and forgot to tell him I was racing.  My biking was also very strong this year and I discovered at Oliver that if you bike hard the run is harder… but the tradeoff is worth it.


Steveston 8km – 37:08
E-venti Marathon – 3:53:42, Current Marathon Best
UBC Duathlon – 1st place overall
Pacific Populaire – 100km – 3h20
Bucaneer Randonneur ride – 200km – 8h52
Delta Triathlon – DQ, 21:33 5km
Canada Day Sasamat Swim – 1:05:41, Current 4km best
Oliver Half Iron – 5:23:13 Current Half Iron Best, 34:03 current 2km swim best, Current bike split Best (32kph)

 2008 Results

BareBones Duathlon
UBC Duathlon
First Half – Half Marathon
Steveston 8km – 36:54
Victoria Half Iron
Sri Chimnoy Duathlon


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