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Last Thursday I headed up to Penticton for this “Performance” training camp. It was a very good experience, well run, and quality workouts with great people.

On Friday, I did my own workout in the Penticton pool. OMG, it’s hot in that pool. I guess the old fogies won’t get in if they don’t keep it practically tropical.

Saturday the camp started with a time trial of the Oliver bike course. I drove down with “exactly on time” Calvin so we arrived just in time for my 9:24 start time and his 9:28 start time (riders were sent off every two minutes to simulate race situations). My goal was to ride hard – as close as possible to race effort. Before starting each rider had to weigh in. I have to admit it was a bit tense at the start (simulated race feel worked) so I’m glad that we didn’t spend much time hanging about.

On the course, I rode hard trying to keep the effort up to >155HR. I drank 3 full bottles of gatorade and ate 4 gels. My time was ~2:55 (exact ride details coming). 31km per hour average. I was pleased with that effort. It’s exactly what I’d like to pull off in Oliver. Directly after the ride, they racked our bikes in transition and then sent us off on a 20 min brick run. After the brick, I weighed back in at 2lbs lighter. So even with drinking every 5 min, I still lost 2lbs. I’m surprised by that but glad to know that my nutrition seems to be reasonable. Someone lost 9lbs (whoops!), I’m thinking they need to work on their nutrition.

After the weigh in they had us eating, eating, and more eating. Then ~45min later, we went for a 20min swim in the lake. Lake was cold, but I felt great. The feel of the catching water in the wetsuit is awesome. I’m feeling real strong with the swimming this year. After all that, I went home for ~1hr showered, quick hot-tub and then went back to the Impact Coaching offices for some triathlon school.

It was interesting to hear some of the points about Kevin’s coaching/training philosophy. One particular point about INTENSITY OF FOCUS resonated with me. I think that’s one thing I find really rewarding about training for triathlons… if you are filled with purpose every time you go out and train, the results will come. I like training with this focused intensity.

Ok, so that was just Saturday. Phewph! I was hungry and tired. Real tired, like training for IronMan tired. It’s been a while since I’ve been that beat… and hungry.

On Sunday, I got up early to see my mates start off on the Peach City Half Marathon then I headed off with Calvin, Doug, and the pros for a 2hr run. We ran up on the KVR trail up above Naramata and it’s a beautiful run. After running with the pros for a bit, I settled into my own pace and had a great run. It wasn’t so great physically (basically, my body felt tired, crappy, and achy) but mentally it was an awesome run. I did some great visualization of the running path at Oliver… and realized that my body will still run at it’s rhythm even when its really really tired. I’m in good shape for coming off that bike at Oliver. After the run, I enjoyed coffee and good company at Smith and Co. After eating, eating, and more eating, I biked back into Penticton to join the group for another quick ride out on the Crescent beach loop.

All in all, it was a great weekend of training. I feel ready to kick some serious arse at Oliver.

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  1. Mum/Gay Fox

    Look out Oliver.. You will do very well Joanne. Congatulations on this last weekend.. Wow Well done.. MUM

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