The beauty of a 25 yard pool

I’m Canadian, eh! Which means my pools are 25 meters. Not 22.86 meters. I mean who else in the world – other than you crazy Americans – makes something 22.86 units long. Swimming in the shorty pool does however make you feel like a rock star. I can swim 1:20’s no problem. I knew there was something up when I was still swimming 1:25s by the end of the set. Smile.

Here’s the pre-race workout from Coach Tracey:
Warm Up:
200 choice
2 x (100 kk, 100 as 25 drill/75 swim, 2 x 50 stroke count descend 2nd 50 by 2 strokes)
6 x (100 fast on 2:00 then 50 very easy on 1:00)
Cool Down:
100 non free choice
100 kk
100 pull
2000m total*
*crazy conversion factor required

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