Two Weekends Until Worlds

I’ve got one last weekend of training to go. Next weekend, I’m in Boston for work, and then World’s are upon us. With 40 nations represented, I start with the wave of 85 other women in the F30-34 category. Our start gun goes off at 7:35am in the morning. Ack, that will be chilly! With not too many other waves in front of us we should have a relatively clear bike course. Me, I would have put a few more warning in this bike course video. I wonder what the symbol would look like for “crotch jamming pothole!”

After the 5km time trial at the track last night, I find my legs heavy and I’m definitely ready for the next two weeks of tapering. Last minute training is hard on the body.

5km time trial (ran with Jody)
22:40 (ran an even pace of ~1:48/400m)

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